Mel Novak   Mel Novak is a villian actor in the movies and a  street hero in real Life.  Mel has faithfully ministered on the streets of L.A., for over 32 years now.  Speaking to those in penitentiaries  from San Quentin  to the local LA Jails.  Hear how he uses his faith to help change the lives of others!

 DAN FOWLER is the founder of ImaginationIQ an interactive 3 day seminar. With decades of business experience helping people access their soul truth and tap into their imagination and dreams to live purposeful and profitable lives, Dan is putting together this special event to help YOU MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS ON-DEMAND!

"Singing with Mrs. Claus"

Tony Robbins  speaks about the power of positive thinking and how to use that tool to make great shifts in your life!

Positive Song: 

King of Me

by: Saint Tone

Janie Boisclair talks about her adventures as Mrs. Claus on Rodeo Drive this week and the immpact it made on her to hear the wishes of children visiting the United States from all over the world.

​November 1, 2015

Positive Song:  

Empower Me
by: Saint Tone

Spirit of Music Foundation a foundation

that bring live music to the world.  With 30 years of brightening the lives of those in need, Tony Saint Tone speaks about his life as a giver of positive lyrics and thought.

Come Join Janie Boisclair on the Holiday Trolley

to benefit the Pales Center of Beverly Hills.

Positive Song this week:

October 18, 2015

Our Third Annual "Oprah's Favorite Things"  Review! Once again we have been requested to review the list of great shopping merchandise given the nodd of delight by Oprah Winfrey

11:00-2:00   Dec 5, 6, 12, 13,19, 20

November 22, 2015

         Paley Center Holiday Trolley

465 Beverly Hills Dr., Beverly Hills, CA

Positive Songs:  

Best Case Scenario &

Mama Said
by: Saint Tone

Positive/Motivational musicians Janie Boisclair and Tony Saint Tone, created this Los Angeles, CA based radio show to shine light on all the Great things that are happening around the world and connect an amazing community of like-minded people to share goodness!

 Hear an amazing assortment of "GIVERS" who  show great appreciation 
of the human race.  Guests range from Entertainers to Doctors, Healers 
and Mom next door, sharing their amazing stories of love.  

 "Saint Tone" contributes a jolt of positive, inspirational music with enlightening lyrics to glide through your hour.  Cap it off with tips on positive living, a positive quote of the week and how you can take part in various goodwill functions worldwide and you've fed 
all the senses in an hour of good living!

Join Us in Sharing Good News from Around the World!

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