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​​Jules Stewart Creator of the Jules Stewart Project - artist, writer and Indie film maker using her talent for the "Wolff Connection" who helps at risk kids by working with wolves.  

Jessikah Kollatou, CHT
Jessikah is the owner of Hypnotherapy LA and works as a Certified Master Hypnotherapist. She talks about the many benefits and techniques that her practice brings to the table in resolving  different problems that life may bring up. Truly a Great interview.

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Positive Song:

Road to Me

by: Saint Tone

David Meltzer - CEO of Sports 1 Marketing and Meltzer Author of "Connected to Goodness" David speaks about his techniques to manifesting and his moto: "Make a lot of Money, Help a lot of People, Have a lot of Fun" 

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by: Saint Tone

                   Lisa Nichols

International Speaker/Author The Secret

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Get in Tune

by: Saint Tone

Ken Kragen - is an author, speaker, non-profit consultant, TV & film producer, music manager and created & organized  Hands Across America, Live Aid, etc. He also managed Lionel Richie, Kenny Rogers and Harry Chapin among others. 

Positive Song:

King of Me

by: Saint Tone

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      Lisa Nichols

  Author / Speaker  "The Secret"

Nandisvara Ishaya

​​​​Learn about the Art of  Ascension and the many techniques to meditate that can help get your body quickly centered and improve your daily life!


Friends who influence this station with their         amazing contributions to the world!

Positive Song:

Burning Sun & Turn Yourself Around
by: Saint Tone

Positive Words of the Week!

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by: Saint Tone

Best Case Scenario &

King of Me

            Ken Kragen - Creator

We Are The World & Hands Across America 

              Tony Robins

    International Motivational Speaker   

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Sherry & DerickWatson

This amazing Mother - Son team are bringing the "Power of Purpose" to San Diego.  With an  amazing story of resilience after a freak accident, this team now leads America in creating Non-Profits to help the world make a difference on a grand scale by utilizing monies readily available to everyone!

           Reverend Michael Beckwith                  Agape Spiritual Center, Author,                           Speaker, "The Secret" 

​​Positive/Motivational musicians Janie Boisclair and Tony Saint Tone, created this Los Angeles, CA based radio show to Shine Light on all the Great things that are happening around the world and connect an amazing community of like-minded people to share in goodness!

 This one hour weekly show focuses on an amazing assortment of givers, teachers and leaders who  show great respect for the human race.  Guests range from International Speakers, Healers, Entertainers and Entrepreneurs sharing their wisdom with you.  

 Musician, "Saint Tone",  contributes a jolt of positive, inspirational music with enlightening lyrics to glide through your hour.  Cap it off with tips on positive living, a positive quote of the week and how you can take part in various goodwill functions worldwide and you've fed all the senses in an hour of good living!

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