Positive Song:  

Ain't Giving Up!
by: Saint Tone

September  27, 2015

    Humanitarian Radio Partners with OPRAH WINFREY

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October 29-31 Sacramento, CA

Humanitarian Radio'sfundraiser for Mike Precise Sept 19th brought some amazing community leaders out to support a great cause.  Listen to Mike Precise's reaction to the support.

Proud Partner of the OWN Channel's "Belief Team" Oct 18-24 airing -

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Jolette Jai Founder & CEO of The Jai Institute for Parenting. Her goal is to create a world where children are given respect for their dignity as a full human being. The Jai Institute supports loving children unconditionally and supports them to grow into adults who know the meaning of caring for themselves and for others. She aims to accomplish this goal by educating, connecting and supporting parents throughout every stage of child development. 

Positive Song:

Day Dreamer

By: Saint Tone

​September 6, 2015

Positive Song:  King of Me
 by: Saint Tone

​September 13, 2015

Peter S Parker  is the founder of The American Dream University an organization that helps entrepreneurs reach and sustain the goals. There tagline is “Advice Learned in Special Operations, 2 Tech Startups, and Working for a Billionaire. Now Taught to You.”They have seminars, webinars and one on one teaching to allow you to get what you really need.. Text your email to (435) 248-0660 -or- go to the website at www.ADUniv.com

Positive/Motivational musicians Janie Boisclair and Tony Saint Tone, created this Los Angeles, CA based radio show to shine light on all the Great things that are happening around the world and connect an amazing community of like-minded people to share goodness!

 Hear an amazing assortment of "GIVERS" who  show great appreciation 
of the human race.  Guests range from Entertainers to Doctors, Healers 
and Mom next door, sharing their amazing stories of love.  

 "Saint Tone" contributes a jolt of positive, inspirational music with enlightening lyrics to glide through your hour.  Cap it off with tips on positive living, a positive quote of the week and how you can take part in various goodwill functions worldwide and you've fed 
all the senses in an hour of good living!

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